Makeup and Heavy Metal Poisoning: Effects of Toxins and Detoxification

Heavy metal poisoning from absorption of toxins through skin, especially through the repeated use of mainstream cosmetics and skincare products, is a serious health threat. It’s hard to believe that the products sold by millions of stores and thousands of companies can have such damaging effects on our health when their purpose is for beautification. But it’s true and could be slowly weakening your entire body.

Internal stress from heavy metal poisoning is like a traffic jam inside our bodies. Fortunately we can naturally expel small levels of heavy metal toxins. However, with the bombardment of toxic substances like makeup and personal care items that most people are exposed to daily, our kidneys and gastrointestinal tract cannot keep up with the excretion demand. The result is stress. Much like being overwhelmed with too many tasks or too much information can cause us psychological stress with negative results, too much toxicity can clog the body and wreak havoc on our health and wellness. This affects every human function, from major regulatory systems and organ performance, to the never-ending role of cells that dictate every operation of our bodies. Ultimately, this can lead to an overall sluggish system, many diseases, organ deterioration, reduced cognition, impaired neurotransmission, hormonal imbalance and psychological conditions, among others problems.

For 40 years the World Health Organization has been reporting that heavy metal and chemical toxicity cause degenerative diseases because they are both mutagenic and cytotoxic. It doesn’t happen overnight or from just one instance of heavy metal exposure, but rather over a lifetime of cumulative toxicity. When bodies are stressed, the immune system’s effectiveness is greatly impaired. If this occurs starting from a young age, our natural defense mechanisms are reduced year-by-year. With reduced immunity a number of external stressors can easily throw the body off track leaving us susceptible to an endless list of medical problems. In fact, the cause of diseases and conditions are often misdiagnosed when the true cause is heavy metal and chemical toxicity.

The list of potential serious, life-altering, life-threatening diseases, illnesses and conditions that can occur from heavy metal poisoning is incredibly long and scary. In addition to targeting very basic cellular function and blood, it diminishes the capacity of major organs including the kidneys, liver, lungs, skin and brain. It can have negative effects on every system of the body, starting with the central nervous system, digestive system, circulatory system, endocrine system, respiratory system and cardiovascular system. Side effects of heavy metal disruption in the body can lead to gastrointestinal problems, behavioral problems, headaches, heartburn, disorientation, fatigue, arthritis, weakened bones, learning disabilities, birth defects, high cholesterol, allergies, insomnia, depression, hypothyroid, gout, back pain, skin rashes and nosebleeds. Worst of all, heavy metal poisoning can contribute to and cause many horrible diseases including cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Crohn’s disease, diabetes and autism, along with others.

Yes, toxic makeup and skincare products contribute to all of these negative side-effects. Now, what can you do about it to protect your health and wellness moving forward?

Knowing the sources of heavy metal poisoning and taking steps to avoid them is a big part of the equation. A good place to start detoxification is your diet. Eating “clean” should be your goal. Purchase organic foods when possible and read labels to ensure you’re not increasing your body toxicity.

Selecting all-natural cosmetics, skincare and personal care items is another area that can have a huge impact. Read labels carefully and spring for the natural, organic and plant nutrient-based options. Using pure products during pregnancy is especially important as everything that is absorbed into a mother’s body is passed to her baby. In fact, many expectant moms choose not to wear makeup at all during pregnancy to avoid transferring toxins to the baby. Be especially conscious of products that are used around the eyes and mouth that can easily enter body orifices, such as lipsticks, lip liners, mascara and eye liners. All products can be absorbed through skin but these are especially dangerous as they may inadvertently enter the body through openings.

While natural beauty products may cost a few dollars more now, it is nothing compared to treatment for any of the aforementioned health conditions. The cost of your health and wellbeing is priceless. Toxins do remain in the body for long periods, but the more pure products you use, the less you are contributing to the problem and the less stress you are putting on your body. Over time, you will make a dent in excreting the toxins that have built-up in your body over the years.

Healing the body through detoxification can also be achieved through several other methods designed to extract toxins and reverse the long term damage it has done on the body. First, there are daily supplements such as NDF and Liquid Zeolites that use natural ingredients to attract and toxins and remove them from your body. Another effective treatment is chelation therapy, which entails injecting a formula of drugs and chemicals to bind or chelate with toxins to eliminate them from the body. This is done through a series of IV treatments. Using all of these methods, most people experience a “cleansed” effect, with more energy and balance within a short time.

Heavy metals exist in almost every aspect of our lives and cannot be completely avoided. But we do have the ability to take control of our health by avoiding many common sources of toxins. By living “cleaner” lives and personal detoxification choices, we can help protect ourselves from the many serious health risks of heavy metal poisoning.